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At Seaport Oil & Vinegars…

Our goal is to make the finest, freshest and broadest selection of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in the world accessible to the serious consumer.

Our Dedication to Providing the Best

Our supplier’s quest is to identify and bring to market the finest examples of olive oil in the world at reasonable and affordable prices.

 Their understanding of olive oil places a greater emphasis on application and performance and less on appellation or domain.

The focus is placed on the discernible differences in flavor, function, and durability by tasting and comparing oils from different regions and countries without the benefit or handicap of knowing where the oils are produced. There is a treasure trove of styles and varieties to be discovered, unknown outside the local area where they are produced and reign supreme.

Our Supplier’s History

Over the last few years, this Italian family have tasted, and continue to taste, on a daily basis, the best oils that can be found from Chile, Australia, Argentina, New Zealand, California, Cypress, Egypt, France, Greece, Israel, Italy, Lebanon, Mexico, Morocco, Portugal, Spain, Syria and Tunisia.

They celebrate the diversity and difference in olive oil styles detecting, in their travels, there is no mill in the world that does not sincerely believe, when conditions are just right, they alone produce the finest olive oil in the world.

 In 1997, our supplies purchased an olive grove less than sixty nautical miles from Sicily, near the ancient Mediterranean city of Carthage in the North African country of Tunisia.

There they built an olive oil mill for testing and evaluating the methods chronicled in their extensive travels throughout the olive oil producing regions of the world. In October of 1998, with its Tunisian partner Medgold, they completed the construction of a state-of-the-art crushing mill and nitrogen flushed storage facility.

 They continue to produce the finest conventional olive oil, organic olive oil and fused whole fruit citrus olive oils in their mill.

As producers of olive oil, they have formed exclusive international alliances with small regional mills that lack the experience and capital to open and develop markets in the United States.

Our Commitment to You

We are proud to present many varieties from small regional mills for the very first time in the United States. More than one million gallons of the finest, freshest extra virgin olive oil is imported every year.

We invite you to join us in experiencing the rewards of this endeavor. Join our club membership and receive 15% off on all your purchases, plus receive your choice of freshly bottled olive oil and balsamic vinegars right to your home!

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